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Viofo A129 Duo: In-Depth Review

One of the main reasons we get dash cameras is to have footage of the road as we drive. If ever things happen in the future, the possession of recordings will prove useful for insurance claims and inside courts.
With so many dash cameras to choose from, it can be hard to choose. This is why we tested numerous dash cameras to find some of the best ones for you to save you the trouble. One of the best dash cameras today is the Viofo A129 Duo, which will be further discussed below.

Layout and Design

The set comes with two cameras, one for the front and another for the back. Both cameras use the IMX291 Sony STARVIS sensor and capable of recording video at 1080p at 30 frames per second.

These two cameras must be attached to the semi-permanent mounts included in the kit. It is advised to utilize a level when attaching them to ensure that they are perfectly parallel with the horizon.

Once you turn on the car camera, you will be presented with the interface. The on-screen menus and buttons are surprisingly easy to learn and use. Even those who don’t interact with technology often will be able to comprehend the controls of this dash camera easily.

Ports and Connectivity

For the front camera, there are two mini-USB type ports, one for connecting with the rear camera and one for power. AV outputs are also supported by this device, sporting a 3.5 mm jack. However, a breakout cable is not included. Furthermore, a handy SD card slot to expand storage is also included.
Let’s move on to the rear camera. The port for this camera is only one, which is the mini-USB port to be used for connecting to the front camera. You might think that the rear camera lacks ports, but when you think of it, having just a single port make things simplistic. Additionally, the dash camera has Wi-Fi functionality, allowing you to connect and share videos to your phone using the Viofo app.


Since the A129 Duo belongs to the budget car DVR category, we weren’t expecting a lot when it comes to video quality. It turns out, we were wrong. After testing the cameras during the day, the results we got were top-notch. When it comes to low-light settings, both the cameras were still able to capture lots of details even without sufficient lighting.

Comparing the footages from the front and back cameras, we found out that the quality produced from each one is both nice as the other. If you ever need the dash camera for surveillance purposes, you have the option to increase the brightness post-production. After testing this, we were glad to see that the details in the surrounding areas were well-preserved.

Other Useful Features

The dash camera comes with a GPS logger, which logs the location and vehicle speed at any given moment. An accurate log is assured due to the synchronization with satellites. Depending on the settings you chose, the display speed will be presented in either mile per hour or kilometer per hour.

Also, there’s the G-sensor, which notifies you if someone ever strikes your car without your notice. The PIR motion sensor can observe almost a 360-degree radius around the vehicle.

When it comes to storage, the A129 Duo has a loop recording functionality. This allows the dash camera to automatically overwrite the oldest files when needed. If you need to keep particular old recordings, you have the option to lock them as well.

Great for Its Price

Considering how affordable this dash camera is, the superior quality and performance it delivers are amazing. If you compare the A129 Duo to the other dash cameras near its price range, you won’t get something as high quality as this one. This dual-channel setup produces superior day and night videos from both cameras.

Viofo A129 Duo: Possibly the Best Dash Camera Today

With many dash cameras available on the market today, choosing one may be confusing and time-consuming. To save you the trouble, we at Verifying Products are committed to bringing you the hottest and newest products in the various fields. After testing the Viofo A129 Duo along with the other dash cameras near its price point, we can verify that purchasing this dash camera will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. We surely recommend this product!

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Semrush SEO Tool Review

Which Best Free SEO Tool In 2020: SEMrush Review

This ultimate, unique tool continually offers insights on all aspects of your SEO & PPC efforts. If you want more organic traffic to your website than SEMrush is a sophisticated keyword research tool. It is a more powerful tool to discover new organic competitors to get a higher ranking. A website without Search Engine Optimization is like a fine dinner without the entree

Where do you start?

Nowadays, SEO is an integral part of the site, you need data, insights and information. You can’t go around blindly and guess what works and what doesn’t, you know it’s wrong. You need a tool that will show you the steps you need to take to implement the great SEO strategy. Without knowing existing data to process it and come to conclusions that will improve the existing situation your website is another one of many kinds somewhere around the internet world. Well which software works best for this mission? What software provides important information? Do you need to implement changes and track changes you have made? Well, that would be SEMrush, of course.

How Can SEMrush Help Me with SEO?

Try to do a SEO and get your web property to rank higher in the search engines without knowing where your web page currently stands; Not knowing which keywords appear on your page, or even knowing which sites (those owned by other people) link to you, is almost impossible. You try to do “Shoot in all directions” SEO and it doesn’t work, or it just takes too long.

First let’s understand what really great SEO is

You can’t understand the importance of SEO, but I’ll explain it in the easiest way. Suppose you as Internet user/Customer are looking for some service or even a store or product, to whom you will turn today in 2020? Yup to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex the top four search engines today. For example: Which Best Free SEO Tool?
You will see countless results in the search results, but those that appear at the top (1-5 Positions) are those sites that have been optimized and promoted across the web with very hard work.

Another example: Which Web Hosting Company Is Most Recommended Today?

The answer for this question will give you ten results on the first page and second and third and so on when the first 4 locations are actually sponsored ads that people paid to appear there. Most of these will have financiers who can afford to be there so this does not always indicate the right result for you.

Stunning Right?

Definitely! But, it’s not that simple. Sure, Google and the other search engines want you to include these words (called keywords) in your content. But there are thousands of other sites that do the same. So how is your site so unique that Google would be happy to place it on the first page somewhere up? Well this is reminiscent of a recipe for baking a cake or a master chef or whatever style you choose since SEO also has a mix of rules to follow on the way to a huge Google divider to place you on the first page and in the first place and these are:

  • Using keyword content (keywords should appear naturally and integrate content and article sequence naturally)
  • Sufficient and relevant content
  • Your site should be authoritative. In other words, the more professional and reliable the content, the more websites will want to treat it as an important site by linking or specifying the site name.

So how do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? How can you tell what other sites are doing about your information? And if you are working properly with Website Optimize and linking to your site? How can you find out how many of those links remain? Or you just fell into a scam of links exchange deal and right after that they removed your links? After all, every link and link should also be tracked and the site structure headline and text, What internal link is broken on your site, etc.

You can’t avoid it, you must use the best tool on the market!

SEMrush is confidently referred to as the best SEO tool for the current market period and this is already the sixth year in a row! The tool will always show you all the insights about your site to provide you with the latest and most important data you need to see is happening on your site and whether you need to help improve it. SEMrush provides valuable insights that enable fast work, change, and the highest search engine ranking. What SEMrush does:

  • Tells you in the search engines whether your site is growing or falling
  • Provides traffic statistics for each topic. It tells you how many people searched for your actual site topic.
  • Tells you if other sites link to your site, which sites, how much and what their level and strength (power) is so you can tell if it’s an important site (e.g. CNN) or some blog or low-meaning site
  • What better way to continue to create content or stop and optimize
  • Gain the number of competitors in traffic
  • There are technical issues that can hurt your SEO

How does SEMrush work?

Let’s show you how invaluable SEMrush is when you work with SEO. It’s a tool that gives you lots of analysis and important information you didn’t know otherwise. This knowledge helps you take simple remedial steps that give you the perfect SEO you need.

SEMrush is a collaborative effort created by SEO and SEM experts. It produces a diverse tool set with a program that will get better search engine space for your site. It used to compare AdWords, ad copy and placement as well as organic placements for your domain.

Who uses it? Everyone, it’s a tool used by CNN and other big players.

So before you make a decision about your options, you should first try using SEMrush. You can just find out that this tool is all you need.

Use SEMrush as a reverse engineering tool

The best feature to use SEMrush you could reverse engineer content and social media techniques that your competitors use. The tool is plugged into competitor domains and analyzes their websites to find their website to rank higher in search engines than yours.

Click on the “Organic Research” button in the sidebar and you will see your competitors “Position” analysis. By default, this is US-specific, but you can change the country which you need. Here you can see traffic estimates and trends for future traffic.

The research uses your competitors’ keywords

In the “Organic Research” tab, you see all the keywords, which are the rank of the domain. You have the ability to reverse engineer for these same keywords and do the rank.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush website owners can be almost any type of cost-effective. There are three funding options available: pro, guru, and business.

Version account costs $ 99.95 per month
The Guru needs to contact with customers service
Business needs to contact with customers service

Account type Your purchase depends on the number of web property you work with, your SEO habits and needs. Not ready to buy a plan yet?

Grab your free trial HERE


SEMrush is powerful, regularly updated and constantly improving. We definitely recommend SEMrush for keyword research and keyword analysis. And of course for excellent site optimization. It is a reliable tool, capable of the most diverse niches.

  SEMrush, to be honest, is one of today’s inalienable SEO tools and it seems that we will remain with us for a long time because as of now, no tool is blowing it from behind.

Verifying Product - Semrush SEO Tool
Semrush SEO Tool – Verifying Product


$99 .95 per month
$ 99
  • For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget Run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools. Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.


Upon request
  • For SMB and growing marketing agencies All the Pro features plus: Content Marketing Platform Branded reports Historical Data Extended limits


Upon Request

Car Insurance Policy Basics And Our Policy Recommendation

Car insurance coverage or the equivalent in financial responsibility waivers is required in all states. Insurance basics need to be understood before purchasing coverage. 

Car Insurance Coverage Limits 

Car insurance coverage limits are the maximum dollar amount your insurance provider will pay for a claim. For example, your policy limit for your collision coverage is $30K. In the event of an accident, your insurance provider will not pay over $30K for vehicle damages regardless of the extent of damages.  

Car Insurance Coverage 

Each state has state-required minimums for car insurance except for New Hampshire. New Hampshire is the only US state that does not require car insurance; however, the law does require that motorists be financially responsible for: 

  • Compensate anyone injured as a result of your driving error
  • Financially responsible for any property damage caused by your mistake

Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is required in most US states. Liability insurance is coverage that pays for injuries suffered by other drivers and their passengers, as well as vehicle damage. Liability limits are often written using number sets, such as 25/50 or 25/50/20, which stand for the liability insurance limits. 

For instance, you purchase the minimum liability insurance coverage for your state. The liability limit is written as 25/50/10. This number set means that your insurance provider would pay for: 

  • $25K for bodily injury for one person’s injuries in an accident caused by your driving error. 
  • $50K for bodily injury for all occupants’ injuries in an accident caused by your driving error. 
  • $10K for damage to the other driver’s property. 

Collision Insurance: Collision insurance pays for vehicle damage to your car when you crash into something. 

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance covers natural and human-made damage, crashes with animals, and theft if your vehicle is not recovered.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured motorist coverage is coverage that provides protection for you and your passengers if an uninsured motorist hits you. 

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Underinsured motorist coverage helps pay for injuries of you and your passengers when hit by an underinsured motorist. 

Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection provides coverage for medical bills for you and your passengers, regardless of who caused the collision. Personal injury protection also covers lost wages and the cost of services such as gardeners while disabled. 

No-Fault Insurance: No-fault insurance refers to coverage for injuries resulting from an accident that, regardless of who is responsible for the collision, will be paid by each motorists’ insurance provider. Not all states are considered no-fault states. 

Car Insurance Needs 

Different factors need to be considered to determine a motorist’s car insurance needs: 

Assets: If the motorist’s assets are high in value, increased coverage should be purchased. When a collision exceeds the coverage limits of the motorist’s policy, others involved in the accident can seek compensation by going after the motorist’s assets. 

Finances: Motorists need to consider the maximum amount they can afford for monthly premiums. 

Location: Motorists that live in areas that present a higher risk of accident or theft should consider higher coverage. 

Vehicle Type: If you have a high valued vehicle, it may be a good idea to get collision and comprehensive coverage for the vehicle.  Insurance coverage needs to be understood entirely before purchasing auto insurance. Insurance can be purchased online; however, it is advised to speak with an insurance provider before purchasing any coverage. — provides consultations to help you determine the best limits for your insurance needs

Acupuncture Pen | Verifying Products

Electromagnetic Acupuncture Pen – Are traditional acupuncture treatments over?

First, let’s understand what acupuncture is.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment that has been used for centuries. It originated in China and was first mentioned in writing several hundred years before the Common Era. It was during the Han Dynasty that it was first known to be used as a medical treatment. But instead of needles, the ancient way of doing acupuncture was through the use of sharpened bones.

It is believed that acupuncture can bring balance to the yin and yang of the body, resulting in good health. By inserting needles in the acupuncture points in your body, blood flow is increased, stimulating your body’s natural healing process. Neuroscience explains that this therapy stimulates the nerves, connective tissues, bones, and muscles, allowing the flow of energy called “qi” along your body’s meridians.

What is an acupuncture pen?

The use of an acupuncture pen is perfect for those who have a fear of needles. This means that an acupuncture pen does not require the use of needles to stimulate the body’s acupoints. Instead, a magnet pen will transmit electrical pulses to stimulate various meridian points to relieve aches and pains. The difference is that this anti-pain pen triggers the acupoints without penetrating the skin. It is best suited for people who are 40 years old and older, especially those suffering from chronic pains.

What are the benefits of an acupuncture pen?

There are many known benefits of acupuncture and the use of an acupuncture pen or electric pen. Here are some of them.

1. Relieve pain from headache and migraine A magnet pen or acupuncture pen can be used to treat migraine pain. The magnet pen should be pointed at the problem area to experience relief

2. Speed up cancer recovery

Studies have shown that cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and use acupuncture therapy at the same time experience positive effects on their health. This is because this form of therapy promotes healthy body function by revitalizing the natural flow of energy in your body, which may be disrupted because of chemotherapy or radiation.

3. Treat chronic pain

Several studies found that acupuncture therapy can improve physical function in people suffering from chronic pain, like osteoarthritis. Aside from that, it was also revealed that using an electric pen delayed the use of medication for pain relief.

The best thing about a meridian energy pen is that you can use acupuncture therapy anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to go to a professional acupuncturist every time you want to be free from physical pain. However, it’s important that you first learn the proper usage of an acupuncture pen to ensure that you don’t harm any internal organs.

What are the pros and cons?

An acupuncture pen has many advantages when compared with traditional acupuncture. Take a look at some of the top pros and cons of a massaging pen.

1. Smart features

An acupuncture pen is easy to use, thanks to its smart features. These include adjustable sensitivity, meridian points auto-detector, and frequency and intensity controls to ensure a personalized experience every time you use your acupuncture pen.

2. Multi-function application

Your personal acupuncture pen will have several adjustable levels of intensity and frequency to ensure that you will be completely satisfied after using it. Depending on the type of electric pen you have, it can be used for pain relief and/or beautification purposes.

3. FDA Approved

To have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase of an acupuncture pen, it’s important that you check whether it has a seal for FDA approval.

4. Guarantees total satisfaction

Every acupuncture pen is designed to offer pain relief. But you have to make sure that the brand you buy does work.


Due diligence must be taken to get the best value for your money when it’s time to shop around for the best acupuncture pen in the market. You have to keep in mind that it’s a good investment to make today. After all, stress and pains can come from anywhere nowadays.

We tested several acupuncture pens and found that this product is the best on the market today.

Verifying Product - Acupuncture Pen
Verifying Product

We definitely recommend purchasing from a store called Shopsy. where we found the original product

Finally, This tool is here for marketers and we put our hands on it!

Builderall is a functional internet marketing toolbox that accumulates all the tools require to build an entire online business. Now there is no need to spend thousands of pennies on different internet marketing tools to run one business, you’ll get all apps and features on one platform.

However, it is always prudent to look for the online review before getting signing with any internet marketing tool. We have examined the platform and revealed certain facts which indicate that the Builderall is the largest and most effective automation and site builder platform in the world!

The Right Startup Tool

It is a user-friendly tool to build unlimited, beautiful, and responsive websites, blogs, stores, sales funnels, videos, mobile apps, professional pages and much more with stunning visual effects and features. No matter what kind of business you have, this is a right startup tool for online presence.

The Best Automated Tool

It is only a marketing automation tool that has the ability to convert your leads into reliable customers. You can capture the leads and connect with your viewers with unlimited emails, triggers, and actions.

Make Money with the Tool (Sales Funnel)

Yes, this is possible with Builderall tool! Every business main aim is to make money and this platform gives you wonderful funnel systems to increase your online sale. In online marketing campaign the power of a SALES FUNNEL can’t be overlooked and to increase average conversion per lead, it has over 20 sales funnels that can be easily set up in minutes with all information and offers needed.

Quick Page Loading

In terms of speed, no other platform beat the loading time of Builderall web pages. Their server is top-notch that open the web pages at a lightning fast speed at any time and any location on mobile, desktop or tablets.

That’s pretty a lift!

Affordable Membership

Yes, you heard it right! At just $49.90 per month, Builderall provides facilities building landing pages, email autoresponder with 10,000 subscribers, auto-webinar, Facebook integration, browser notification, app creation, video creation, click map, design studio and presentation builder and much more at one platform.

  Our Conclusion –

Summing up this review – in our opinion, Builderall is an ideal solution for online businesses and entrepreneurs to mark their presence in the world.  It is one of those useful tools that can take your new brand or services to the same level as set-up by our customary industry competitors.

Definitely our choice!

Get your membership HERE; you won’t be disappointed for sure!!!

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