Semrush SEO Tool Review

Which Best Free SEO Tool In 2020: SEMrush Review

This ultimate, unique tool continually offers insights on all aspects of your SEO & PPC efforts. If you want more organic traffic to your website than SEMrush is a sophisticated keyword research tool. It is a more powerful tool to discover new organic competitors to get a higher ranking. A website without Search Engine Optimization is like a fine dinner without the entree

Where do you start?

Nowadays, SEO is an integral part of the site, you need data, insights and information. You can’t go around blindly and guess what works and what doesn’t, you know it’s wrong. You need a tool that will show you the steps you need to take to implement the great SEO strategy. Without knowing existing data to process it and come to conclusions that will improve the existing situation your website is another one of many kinds somewhere around the internet world. Well which software works best for this mission? What software provides important information? Do you need to implement changes and track changes you have made? Well, that would be SEMrush, of course.

How Can SEMrush Help Me with SEO?

Try to do a SEO and get your web property to rank higher in the search engines without knowing where your web page currently stands; Not knowing which keywords appear on your page, or even knowing which sites (those owned by other people) link to you, is almost impossible. You try to do “Shoot in all directions” SEO and it doesn’t work, or it just takes too long.

First let’s understand what really great SEO is

You can’t understand the importance of SEO, but I’ll explain it in the easiest way. Suppose you as Internet user/Customer are looking for some service or even a store or product, to whom you will turn today in 2020? Yup to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex the top four search engines today. For example: Which Best Free SEO Tool?
You will see countless results in the search results, but those that appear at the top (1-5 Positions) are those sites that have been optimized and promoted across the web with very hard work.

Another example: Which Web Hosting Company Is Most Recommended Today?

The answer for this question will give you ten results on the first page and second and third and so on when the first 4 locations are actually sponsored ads that people paid to appear there. Most of these will have financiers who can afford to be there so this does not always indicate the right result for you.

Stunning Right?

Definitely! But, it’s not that simple. Sure, Google and the other search engines want you to include these words (called keywords) in your content. But there are thousands of other sites that do the same. So how is your site so unique that Google would be happy to place it on the first page somewhere up? Well this is reminiscent of a recipe for baking a cake or a master chef or whatever style you choose since SEO also has a mix of rules to follow on the way to a huge Google divider to place you on the first page and in the first place and these are:

  • Using keyword content (keywords should appear naturally and integrate content and article sequence naturally)
  • Sufficient and relevant content
  • Your site should be authoritative. In other words, the more professional and reliable the content, the more websites will want to treat it as an important site by linking or specifying the site name.

So how do you know what’s going on behind the scenes? How can you tell what other sites are doing about your information? And if you are working properly with Website Optimize and linking to your site? How can you find out how many of those links remain? Or you just fell into a scam of links exchange deal and right after that they removed your links? After all, every link and link should also be tracked and the site structure headline and text, What internal link is broken on your site, etc.

You can’t avoid it, you must use the best tool on the market!

SEMrush is confidently referred to as the best SEO tool for the current market period and this is already the sixth year in a row! The tool will always show you all the insights about your site to provide you with the latest and most important data you need to see is happening on your site and whether you need to help improve it. SEMrush provides valuable insights that enable fast work, change, and the highest search engine ranking. What SEMrush does:

  • Tells you in the search engines whether your site is growing or falling
  • Provides traffic statistics for each topic. It tells you how many people searched for your actual site topic.
  • Tells you if other sites link to your site, which sites, how much and what their level and strength (power) is so you can tell if it’s an important site (e.g. CNN) or some blog or low-meaning site
  • What better way to continue to create content or stop and optimize
  • Gain the number of competitors in traffic
  • There are technical issues that can hurt your SEO

How does SEMrush work?

Let’s show you how invaluable SEMrush is when you work with SEO. It’s a tool that gives you lots of analysis and important information you didn’t know otherwise. This knowledge helps you take simple remedial steps that give you the perfect SEO you need.

SEMrush is a collaborative effort created by SEO and SEM experts. It produces a diverse tool set with a program that will get better search engine space for your site. It used to compare AdWords, ad copy and placement as well as organic placements for your domain.

Who uses it? Everyone, it’s a tool used by CNN and other big players.

So before you make a decision about your options, you should first try using SEMrush. You can just find out that this tool is all you need.

Use SEMrush as a reverse engineering tool

The best feature to use SEMrush you could reverse engineer content and social media techniques that your competitors use. The tool is plugged into competitor domains and analyzes their websites to find their website to rank higher in search engines than yours.

Click on the “Organic Research” button in the sidebar and you will see your competitors “Position” analysis. By default, this is US-specific, but you can change the country which you need. Here you can see traffic estimates and trends for future traffic.

The research uses your competitors’ keywords

In the “Organic Research” tab, you see all the keywords, which are the rank of the domain. You have the ability to reverse engineer for these same keywords and do the rank.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush website owners can be almost any type of cost-effective. There are three funding options available: pro, guru, and business.

Version account costs $ 99.95 per month
The Guru needs to contact with customers service
Business needs to contact with customers service

Account type Your purchase depends on the number of web property you work with, your SEO habits and needs. Not ready to buy a plan yet?

Grab your free trial HERE


SEMrush is powerful, regularly updated and constantly improving. We definitely recommend SEMrush for keyword research and keyword analysis. And of course for excellent site optimization. It is a reliable tool, capable of the most diverse niches.

  SEMrush, to be honest, is one of today’s inalienable SEO tools and it seems that we will remain with us for a long time because as of now, no tool is blowing it from behind.

Verifying Product - Semrush SEO Tool
Semrush SEO Tool – Verifying Product


$99 .95 per month
$ 99
  • For freelancers, startups and in-house marketers with limited budget Run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools. Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.


Upon request
  • For SMB and growing marketing agencies All the Pro features plus: Content Marketing Platform Branded reports Historical Data Extended limits


Upon Request
SemRush SEO Tool Review
  • Accurate Data

Which Best Free SEO Tool In 2020: SEMrush Review

This ultimate, unique tool continually offers insights on all aspects of your SEO & PPC efforts.

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