Car Insurance Policy Basics And Our Policy Recommendation

Car insurance coverage or the equivalent in financial responsibility waivers is required in all states. Insurance basics need to be understood before purchasing coverage. 

Car Insurance Coverage Limits 

Car insurance coverage limits are the maximum dollar amount your insurance provider will pay for a claim. For example, your policy limit for your collision coverage is $30K. In the event of an accident, your insurance provider will not pay over $30K for vehicle damages regardless of the extent of damages.  

Car Insurance Coverage 

Each state has state-required minimums for car insurance except for New Hampshire. New Hampshire is the only US state that does not require car insurance; however, the law does require that motorists be financially responsible for: 

  • Compensate anyone injured as a result of your driving error
  • Financially responsible for any property damage caused by your mistake

Liability Insurance: Liability insurance is required in most US states. Liability insurance is coverage that pays for injuries suffered by other drivers and their passengers, as well as vehicle damage. Liability limits are often written using number sets, such as 25/50 or 25/50/20, which stand for the liability insurance limits. 

For instance, you purchase the minimum liability insurance coverage for your state. The liability limit is written as 25/50/10. This number set means that your insurance provider would pay for: 

  • $25K for bodily injury for one person’s injuries in an accident caused by your driving error. 
  • $50K for bodily injury for all occupants’ injuries in an accident caused by your driving error. 
  • $10K for damage to the other driver’s property. 

Collision Insurance: Collision insurance pays for vehicle damage to your car when you crash into something. 

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance covers natural and human-made damage, crashes with animals, and theft if your vehicle is not recovered.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Uninsured motorist coverage is coverage that provides protection for you and your passengers if an uninsured motorist hits you. 

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Underinsured motorist coverage helps pay for injuries of you and your passengers when hit by an underinsured motorist. 

Personal Injury Protection: Personal injury protection provides coverage for medical bills for you and your passengers, regardless of who caused the collision. Personal injury protection also covers lost wages and the cost of services such as gardeners while disabled. 

No-Fault Insurance: No-fault insurance refers to coverage for injuries resulting from an accident that, regardless of who is responsible for the collision, will be paid by each motorists’ insurance provider. Not all states are considered no-fault states. 

Car Insurance Needs 

Different factors need to be considered to determine a motorist’s car insurance needs: 

Assets: If the motorist’s assets are high in value, increased coverage should be purchased. When a collision exceeds the coverage limits of the motorist’s policy, others involved in the accident can seek compensation by going after the motorist’s assets. 

Finances: Motorists need to consider the maximum amount they can afford for monthly premiums. 

Location: Motorists that live in areas that present a higher risk of accident or theft should consider higher coverage. 

Vehicle Type: If you have a high valued vehicle, it may be a good idea to get collision and comprehensive coverage for the vehicle.  Insurance coverage needs to be understood entirely before purchasing auto insurance. Insurance can be purchased online; however, it is advised to speak with an insurance provider before purchasing any coverage. — provides consultations to help you determine the best limits for your insurance needs

Acupuncture Pen | Verifying Products

Electromagnetic Acupuncture Pen – Are traditional acupuncture treatments over?

First, let’s understand what acupuncture is.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of treatment that has been used for centuries. It originated in China and was first mentioned in writing several hundred years before the Common Era. It was during the Han Dynasty that it was first known to be used as a medical treatment. But instead of needles, the ancient way of doing acupuncture was through the use of sharpened bones.

It is believed that acupuncture can bring balance to the yin and yang of the body, resulting in good health. By inserting needles in the acupuncture points in your body, blood flow is increased, stimulating your body’s natural healing process. Neuroscience explains that this therapy stimulates the nerves, connective tissues, bones, and muscles, allowing the flow of energy called “qi” along your body’s meridians.

What is an acupuncture pen?

The use of an acupuncture pen is perfect for those who have a fear of needles. This means that an acupuncture pen does not require the use of needles to stimulate the body’s acupoints. Instead, a magnet pen will transmit electrical pulses to stimulate various meridian points to relieve aches and pains. The difference is that this anti-pain pen triggers the acupoints without penetrating the skin. It is best suited for people who are 40 years old and older, especially those suffering from chronic pains.

What are the benefits of an acupuncture pen?

There are many known benefits of acupuncture and the use of an acupuncture pen or electric pen. Here are some of them.

1. Relieve pain from headache and migraine A magnet pen or acupuncture pen can be used to treat migraine pain. The magnet pen should be pointed at the problem area to experience relief

2. Speed up cancer recovery

Studies have shown that cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and use acupuncture therapy at the same time experience positive effects on their health. This is because this form of therapy promotes healthy body function by revitalizing the natural flow of energy in your body, which may be disrupted because of chemotherapy or radiation.

3. Treat chronic pain

Several studies found that acupuncture therapy can improve physical function in people suffering from chronic pain, like osteoarthritis. Aside from that, it was also revealed that using an electric pen delayed the use of medication for pain relief.

The best thing about a meridian energy pen is that you can use acupuncture therapy anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to go to a professional acupuncturist every time you want to be free from physical pain. However, it’s important that you first learn the proper usage of an acupuncture pen to ensure that you don’t harm any internal organs.

What are the pros and cons?

An acupuncture pen has many advantages when compared with traditional acupuncture. Take a look at some of the top pros and cons of a massaging pen.

1. Smart features

An acupuncture pen is easy to use, thanks to its smart features. These include adjustable sensitivity, meridian points auto-detector, and frequency and intensity controls to ensure a personalized experience every time you use your acupuncture pen.

2. Multi-function application

Your personal acupuncture pen will have several adjustable levels of intensity and frequency to ensure that you will be completely satisfied after using it. Depending on the type of electric pen you have, it can be used for pain relief and/or beautification purposes.

3. FDA Approved

To have peace of mind and confidence in your purchase of an acupuncture pen, it’s important that you check whether it has a seal for FDA approval.

4. Guarantees total satisfaction

Every acupuncture pen is designed to offer pain relief. But you have to make sure that the brand you buy does work.


Due diligence must be taken to get the best value for your money when it’s time to shop around for the best acupuncture pen in the market. You have to keep in mind that it’s a good investment to make today. After all, stress and pains can come from anywhere nowadays.

We tested several acupuncture pens and found that this product is the best on the market today.

Verifying Product - Acupuncture Pen
Verifying Product

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